Robertson Quay

Robertson Quay is one of the country’s three wharfs along the famed river offering a diverse mix of internationally renowned restaurants, wine bars and art galleries, covering more than 50 hectares, or about 120 acres, of the Singapore River.

The Quay is a popular destination for expatriates to come relax or take a leisurely walk, as this high-end and fairly quiet part of town also happens to feature a number of boutique shops and cafes offering gourmet cakes and pastries.

What makes the area a favorite for westerners is not just the peaceful open space, but the unique and modern twist on décor and cuisine, such as in Bar Bar Black Sheep, an upscale café-bar with a range of tasty foods from Indian to Thai to Western. The area is also a very desirable residential neighborhood, with some of the best serviced apartments in the city.

Although Robertson Quay is the furthest north of the three quays it is still very convenient, only a few minutes away from Marina Bay and Shenton Way. A little pricey, it is nonetheless an enjoy place to walk around and enjoy a great view of the water.
Adresse: Singapore
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Aftentur med sightseeing i Singapore med bådtur på Singapore River

Udforsk Singapore om aftenen med denne 3 timers, stig-på-stig-af-tur med middag (SGD$5 madkupon inkluderet). Rejs med dobbeltdækkerbus, og lyt til kommentering ombord, når du passerer seværdigheder som Merlion Park og Marina Bay Sands. Besøg Gardens by the Bay, og se på Supertree lys- og lydshowet. Rund turen af med en smuk 40 minutters sejltur på Singapore River.
  • Varighed: 3 timer
36,54 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 3 timer
36,54 $ USD

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