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The Bund (Waitan)

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The Bund (or Waitan) is the grand center of Colonial architecture in Shanghai. The former International Settlement runs along the waterfront of the Huangpu River, facing the Pudong district ('Bund' is a word of Indian derivation meaning 'embankment'). Loosely known as the "museum of international architecture," the Bund attracts visitors who are interested in the artsy side of Shanghai.

When foreign powers entered Shanghai after the Opium Wars of the 19th century, the Bund existed as a towpath. It quickly became the center of Shanghai as Western traders built banks, trading houses and consulates along its length, and has been synonymous with Shanghai's east-meets-west glamor ever since. Today the Bund faces the new wave of trading development - the vast towers of Jin Mao, the World Finance Center and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the financial district of Pudong.

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Den bedste Shanghai heldagstur, inklusive besøg i Jade Buddha Temple, det største buddhistiske tempel i byen og Bund-havnefronten.

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Se alle de store seværdigheder i Shanghai, "Orientens Paris". Busturen er med guide og inkluderer frokost og adgang til Jade Buddha Temple, ...  Mere info

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