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Shanghai Museum (Shanghai Bowuguan)

The first thing to note about the Shanghai Museum (Shanghai Bowuguan) is its unusual design. The building, constructed in the 1990s, is supposed to resemble an ancient type of bronze cooking pot called a ding. It's a reference to the objects on display in the museum's five stories of rooms.

The museum's structure - a round building on a square base - also holds echoes of China's history. Ancient buildings in China were constructed like this because of the belief that heaven was round and the earth square. The collection, although sensitively ordered, is so large as to be somewhat overwhelming. Pick and choose your areas, or you may run out of steam. Definitely take in some of the ceramics, through which you can trace China's history from the Neolithic Age onwards. There are also furniture, calligraphy, religious sculptures and jade to enjoy.

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Den bedste Shanghai heldagstur, inklusive besøg i Jade Buddha Temple, det største buddhistiske tempel i byen og Bund-havnefronten.

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Se alle de store seværdigheder i Shanghai, "Orientens Paris". Busturen er med guide og inkluderer frokost og adgang til Jade Buddha Temple, ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Shanghai, Kina
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