Duolun Road

Duolun Road is a must-see stop for those interested in the history and culture of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s. It was once a writers' enclave and today has been restored as a 'cultural street.'

Duolun Road was once part of the American Concession, and the restored 20th century architecture is the main reason for visiting. The area has been pedestrianized; you'll wander among museums, antique and curio houses, calligraphers' and painters' studios, bookshops and literary clubs, teahouses and wine bars. There is a Museum of Modern Art that's generally worth a look.

This is a great place to look out for Mao-era curios and relics of Shanghai's 20th century past. Wandering here could take up half a day, with a break in a teahouse to set you up for more art and book shopping.

Adresse: off North Sichuan Road, Kina
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