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Despite its location in the center of Seoul, Cheonggyecheon stream and the pedestrian area that surrounds it are remarkably serene, primarily because it all sits about 16 feet (five meters) below street level. Thanks to the area's recent revitalization, Cheonggyecheon's many waterside walking paths lend themselves to a relaxing stroll or a quiet moment away from the frantic pace of city life.

Along the 6.8-mile (11-km) route through the capital, visitors pass under dozens of bridges and see several small waterfalls, a large central fountain and street performers, plus a number of murals and artworks created by local artists. Each night, Cheonggyecheon comes alive with lights lining the waterway.

The best way to experience Cheonggyecheon is on a walking tour—opt for one that also includes a visit to Gyeonghuigung Palace or a stroll through the city's major financial and cultural center, Jongno. Night tours also run through the area and can be combined with street food tastings, or even a ghost tour of Seoul.
Adresse: Cheonggyecheon-ro, Seoul, South Korea, Sydkorea
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