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Pike Place Market

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The fishy-smelling, heart of downtown Seattle is Pike Place Market. Each day, from dawn to dusk, the market bustles but not just with people perusing the ...  Mere info

Boeing Space and Flight Center

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Through the interactive learning zones of the Future of Flight Aviation Center Gallery, you’ll learn just how far we’ve come in aviation design and where ...  Mere info

Space Needle

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Seattle's signature monument, the Space Needle (originally called “The Space Cage”) rises 605 feet/184 meters above Seattle, and was once the tallest structure ...  Mere info

Lake Washington

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More than just the second largest lake in all of Washington State, Lake Washington defines Seattle as a town intimately tied to the water, and it’s here that ...  Mere info

Mount Rainier National Park - Seattle Attractions

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The majestic Mount Rainier, the US 4th-highest peak outside Alaska, is also one of its most beguiling. Encased in the 953-sqkm Mount Rainier National Park, ...  Mere info

Seattle Great Wheel

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Summertime in Seattle is when everyone comes out to enjoy the fine weather. For fun in the sun, no other Seattle icon speaks of the free-wheeling carefree ...  Mere info

EMP Museum

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If Seattle takes credit for the birth of the grunge movement and thus leading garage bands into what is now all-star rock fame, then it only serves as fair ...  Mere info

Seattle Aquarium

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In a city surrounded by water, the Seattle Aquarium acts as a touchstone for all who desire to experience the heartbeat of the underwater world without ...  Mere info

Woodland Park Zoo

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In Woodland Park, up the hill from Green Lake Park, the Woodland Park Zoo is one of Seattle's greatest tourist attractions, consistently rated as one of the ...  Mere info

Chittenden Locks & Fish Ladder

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Nature certainly has its miracles and you can see one of its highlights at the Chittenden Locks & Fish Ladder, locally known as the Ballard Locks, where ...  Mere info

Olympic National Park

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Competing with neighboring Mt. Rainier National Park as the pinnacle of Northwestern outdoor activities, Olympic National Park boasts over 1,400 square miles ...  Mere info

Mount St. Helens

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On the morning of May 18th, 1980, the largest terrestrial landslide in recorded history punched a 1300 foot hole in the side of Mount St. Helens and rained ...  Mere info

Lake Union

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One of Seattle’s top attractions is Lake Union, a freshwater glacial lake enhancing the aesthetics of the area while also offering a number of recreational ...  Mere info

Blake Island State Park

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Almost completely wild, Blake Island State Park is made up of thickly wooded trails, a fascinating underwater park as well as the typical flora and fauna of ...  Mere info

Alki Beach

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This picturesque beach on the shore of Elliott Bay runs a narrow 2.5-mile strip between Alki Point and Duwamish Head. Known as the site of the first white ...  Mere info