Wuzhizhou Coral Island

Wuzhizhou Coral Island, a former fishing village, is now one of Sanya’s most scenic beach destinations. The tiny butterfly-shaped island a few miles off the coast of Hainan gets its name from the colorful coral reefs just of the beach, where divers and snorkelers head to spot conches, sea urchins and a host of tropical fish.

Back on shore, the island is ringed with soft, white sand beaches, ideal for sunbathing. Other points of interest on the island include a temple dedicated to Matsu, the Buddhist goddess of the sea, and aptly named Sunrise Rock, where visitors come in the early hours to watch the sun peek up from the watery horizon. Several bars and restaurants cater to island visitors, and there’s a small guest house for those who prefer to stay the night.

Practical Info

It’s possible to rent snorkeling gear, diving equipment and underwater cameras from vendors on the island.
Adresse: Sanya, Southern China, Kina
Åbningstider: 7am-6pm
Entré: 123 RMB
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