Alofaaga Blowholes (Taga Blowholes)

Created by a network of lava tubes, the thundering blowholes at Alofaaga are arguably the most popular visitor attraction on the island of Savai’i. When waves crash on the coastal shelf outside the village of Taga, some of the water gets trapped in the tubes that are right by the surface of the water. When the pressure simply becomes too much and it notices an opening to escape, it erupts as a natural, saltwater geyser that often reaches neck-craning heights of over 100 feet. Depending upon the swell angle and tide, multiple blowholes can all erupt within powerful moments of each other, and are often accompanied by a deafening roar of water being jettisoned through the hole. Because the spot is popular with visitors, local villagers will often be there to offer their services as a guide—or simply to toss a few coconuts in the hole and then watch as they take off like cannonballs. The blowholes are part of south coast tours that leave from Salelologa, and if you choose to visit the site on your own, the drive to the blowholes can sometimes be rough, especially for low-clearance cars.

Practical Info

The Alofaaga Blowholes are most powerful around high tide and on days with elevated surf. The hike from the initial entrance can be rugged so you’ll want to have proper footwear, and the rocks around the blowholes can be very slippery, so be extra cautious when walking. There are basic toilet facilities near the blowholes, and remember to lock your car.

Insider's Tip: Whatever the locals do or tell you, do not get close to any of the blowholes since a fall through the hole would be fatal.
Adresse: Alofaaga Blowholes, Taga, Samoa
Åbningstider: 7am-6pm
Entré: About $2 initial entry fee and $2 -$4 parking fee to park at the closer lot.
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