Velocity Valley (Agroventures Adventure Park)

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Agroventures Adventure Park is where boredom goes to die. Strap yourself into the passenger seat of a sleek, high-speed jet boat, and splash around corners at 60mph at nearly 3G’s of force. Feel the pressure of a bungy cord pulled tight around your ankles, and the instantaneous stomach drop once you fall from 140 feet. Don a squirrel suit and step inside New Zealand’s only wind tunnel, where 130mph winds create the feeling of falling from a plane. Or, for daredevils who love anticipation, attach yourself to a thin ripcord that is raised 130 feet, before literally releasing yourself from the cord and swooping at 80mph. If you’d rather try something unique than scary, step inside the world’s only “Shweeb”—an aerodynamic, pedal-driven pod attached to a monorail track. Take it slow and enjoy the view, or challenge your friends on the dueling tracks that are meant for racing and speed. Break the world record and you could even win $1,000 prize. Each activity is purchased separately, and there is barely even time for your heart to slow down as you move from one to the next.
Adresse: 1335 Paradise Valley Rd., Ngongotaha, Rotorua, New Zealand
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Agroventures Adventure Park

Få adgang til dit valg af fem hjerterytende aktiviteter på Agroventures, en adrenalinfyldt forlystelsespark, der ligger kun få minutter fra det centrale Rotorua. Ikke for den svagehjertede, hver ekstrem tur tilbydes - som Rotorua Bungy og Freefall Xtreme - giver non-stop blodpumpe handling. Der tilbydes gratis transport til hele hotellet.
  • Varighed: 2 timer
34,07 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 2 timer
34,07 $ USD

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