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Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park

Even though New Zealanders call themselves “Kiwis,” seeing kiwi birds in the wild is rare. At the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park, however, not only do you have the chance to see kiwi birds in the brush, but you can also learn the ways that baby kiwis are being reintroduced into the wild. Due to invasive predators, only 5 percent of wild kiwi birds will live through to adulthood, and proceeds from the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park help to fund programs to raise the birds from incubation up through release.

While the kiwi birds are the undoubted highlight of a visit, over a dozen other bird species—including alpine parrots—rain their song from high in the tree branches of the park’s melodic flight aviaries. You’ll also find the primordial tuatara waddling its way across tree branches, and this fearsome looking reptile has a natural history dating back to the dinosaurs and beyond.

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Rainbow Springs Entrance Ticket

Bring familien til at se New Zealands genert national ikon, kiwifuglen og nyd ubegrænsede rides på Big Splash vandturen på Rainbow Springs. Din ...  Mere info

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