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Det verdensberømte Colosseum blev bygget i år 80 e. Kr. for de romerske kejsere til dødbringende gladiatorkampe og vildtjagt, hvor publikum ...  Mere info


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Paverne var blandt de allerførste adelige, der åbnede deres store kunstsamlinger for offentligheden. Pave Julius II (1443-1513) begyndte at indsamle ...  Mere info

Vatican City

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Vatican City was created in 1929 and run by the Pope (who is the supreme monarch!). The official population is a little over 800 and it covers an area of 110 ...  Mere info

Det Sixtinske Kapel - Vatikanet

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En stor del af berømmelsen er direkte relateret til, at det også er pavesædet: Det Sixtinske Kapel er, hvor samles for at vælge en ny pave ...  Mere info

Tivoli (Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este)

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Villa d'Este, in the town of Tivoli east of Rome, is a beautiful garden and palace complex that's listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The villa was ...  Mere info

Roman Forum

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In Ancient Rome, the Forum was the centre of the Roman Empire. Until the 4th century AD, a thousand years of decisions affecting the future of Europe were ...  Mere info


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The Pantheon in Rome is a remarkable building architecturally. Basically a cylinder with the floating dome on top of columns, it is the largest masonry vault ...  Mere info

Trevi Fountain

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The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous and most beloved sights in Rome. A huge Baroque flurry (85 by 65 feet or 25 by 20 meters) where water spills from ...  Mere info

Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo)

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In Ancient Rome, a “circus” was an oblong arena where events like chariot races, games, and other performances were held. As you might guess, the Circus ...  Mere info

Palatine Hill

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Rome is famously built on seven hills, but it’s the Palatine Hill that is the most legendary - it is said that it was on the Palatine Hill that Romulus ...  Mere info

Piazza del Popolo

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The Piazza del Popolo is one of Rome’s many large public squares. This piazza is in the northern part of central Rome. The architect of the present-day piazza, ...  Mere info

Piazza Venezia

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The Piazza Venezia defies many assumptions one might make from the name. It’s an open space, so it can be called a piazza, but it’s really a gigantic ...  Mere info

Ancient Rome

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The heart of Roman civilization, which once included some 80 million inhabitants, has now been reduced to a series of important ruins in the center of the ...  Mere info

Roman Jewish Ghetto (Ghetto Ebraico di Roma)

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There is a neighborhood in Rome still known by the population that called it home in the 16th century. The Roman Jewish Ghetto, formally established in 1555, ...  Mere info


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The Testaccio neighborhood is one of the old districts of Rome. It sits along the eastern bank of the Tiber River to the south of the city center, and in ...  Mere info