Porta Maggiore

The impressive Porta Maggiore is one of the gates in the Aurelian Walls that circled the ancient city of Rome.

Historic city walls often have well-preserved gates, which were once the only entry and exit points to the city. Porta Maggiore is a particularly good example of an ancient gate, as it’s not just an old doorway but also an aqueduct.

There are two large arches through which two ancient roads once ran, connecting Rome with the outside world. It was built into the existing Aurelian Walls in 52 AD, and the upper part of the gate contained channels for two aqueducts bringing water into Rome.

Tours don’t tend to make the Porta Maggiore a highlight, but it’s sometimes on itineraries as a drive-by - it’s on a large intersection with quite a bit of traffic.

Practical Info

The Porta Maggiore isn’t far from the main entrances of Rome’s Termini Station, so if you’re leaving the train station by taxi or bus and head back along the tracks to the right of the station (if you’re facing it), keep an eye out for the Porta Maggiore.
Adresse: Piazza di Porta Maggiore, Rome, Lazio 00182, Italien
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