Mindo Rainforest

The Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve is one of the most biologically diverse forests in the world. Its damp environs create a very special ecosystem that nourishes trees and plants and attracts an amazing variety of birds.

Mindo’s mild and damp climate – a few degrees lower than Quito – has created the perfect environment for many species. Hummingbirds, rare butterflies and over 170 species of orchids have been recorded here.

In addition to bird and wildlife viewing, you can take your pick from the available tours of the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest, which include hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, floating down stream on an inner tube and/or flying through the forest on a zip-line.

Practical Info

To fully appreciate Mindo’s beauty and rich variety of flora and fauna, you should consider at least an overnight stay at one of its eco lodges or hotels. Alternatively, it’s an easy escape from the city, taking about 2.5 hours (80 km/50 mi) by road.

Adresse: Mindo, Ecuador
Entré: Free
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