Puerto de Punta del Este

Often said to be the most beautiful place in Punta del Este, the port offers breathtaking ocean views, frolicking sea lions, gorgeous yachts and a laid-back atmosphere. You’ll find two types of boats here, small fishing boats and luxurious yachts, and a fisherman often selling goods by the harbor. The best time to go is at sunset, when vibrant pinks, oranges, blues, purples and yellows paint the sky.

If you’re in the mood to take a day trip, excursions to Isla de Lobos, Casapueblo and Isla Gorriti leave from here. When you’re done taking in the scenery, there are numerous swanky restaurants and bars nearby for a fun night out. Here you’ll find everything from trendy lounges and hip sushi restaurants that stay open until early morning to laid-back Irish pubs.
Adresse: Punta del Este, Uruguay
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