Reduta Jazz Club

Opened in late 1957, the Reduta Jazz Club is the oldest jazz club in Prague. Deriving its name from places in ancient Greece that were centers of fun and music, the club has a storied history. In the 1960s, it operated as both a jazz club and as a cabaret theater, with theatrical performances known as text-appeals. The club played an increasingly important role in Czech culture and politics into the 1980s as it became a gathering place for dissidents. Over the years, it hosted the likes of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the U.S. Army Big Band, the European Big Band and even welcomed former U.S. president Bill Clinton for a jam session in 1994.

Known as well for its great acoustics and Petrof grand piano, the club today features everything from jazz and blues to big band and swing music. The theater still operates as well, offering mime performances, kids’ shows and a unique black light theater, the first of its kind in the world.

Practical Info

The Reduta Jazz Club is on Narodni Street in the center of Prague and can be reached easily from the Narodni Trida Metro station. The club is open to all ages every day, with performances generally starting around 9 or 9:30pm and the Saxophone Bar opening about half an hour earlier. Theater performances usually start at 7 or 7:30pm, with children’s shows at 9:30am or 3pm.
Adresse: Národní třída 20, Prague, Tjekkiet
Åbningstider: Daily; performance times vary
Entré: Varies
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