Plovdiv Old Town

As the sixth oldest city in the world, Plovdiv, Bulgaria can trace its history back to 5,000 B.C. Visitors exploring Plovdiv’s Old Town will be able to experience some of that history for themselves, from the remains of the 2nd century Roman stadium that sit underneath the pedestrian mall in the town center to the 14th century Dzhumaya Mosque, the second oldest in Europe, to the rows of Bulgarian Revival houses that line the cobblestone streets of the Old Town.

The highlight for many will be the 2nd century Plovdiv Roman Theater that sits on a hill on the edge of the Old Town and is still used for concerts and other performances. Other noteworthy sites include the Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa, the Church of St. Constantine and Elena, the State Gallery of Fine Arts, the Zlatyu Boyadjiev House, the Icon Gallery and the Ethnographical Museum, with more than 40,000 displays about life and culture in Plovdiv.

Practical Info

The Old Town in Plovdiv is easily walkable and within walking distance of many popular tourist hotels. A tourist information booth can be found in the central square and a variety of walking tours are available to learn more about the town’s long history. Plovdiv is almost two hours from the capital of Sofia by car and can be reached by train or bus as well.
Adresse: Old Town, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Bulgarien
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Fulldags Plovdiv og Asens fæstningstur fra Sofia

Oplev Plovdiv, Europas kulturhovedstad 2019 og den mægtige Asens fæstning på denne heldagstur til lille gruppe fra Sofia. Udforsk den atmosfæriske gamle bydel i Plovdiv på en guidet vandretur; gå tilbage i tiden med en virtuel virkelighed oplevelse; Nyd en typisk bulgarsk frokost på en lokal restaurant (egen regning), og oplev derefter udsigten fra bjergbestigningens middelalderlige slot.
  • Varighed: 8 timer
  • Udbydes på: engelsk
40,31 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 8 timer
  • Udbydes på: engelsk
40,31 $ USD

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