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Pisa Duomo

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Pisa’s marvelously striped marble cathedral is a textbook example of Pisan Romanesque architecture, dating back to 1064. Roughly cross-shaped, the duomo features a galleried exterior topped with a ...  Mere info

Tower of Pisa

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous structures in the world – not because of its gently rising series of arches, but because of its legendary tilt. Constructed as the bell tower ...  Mere info

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina

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The exquisite church of Santa Maria della Spina is one of the prettiest fairy-tale churches in the world. Designed in classic Pisan Gothic style, the tiny striped marble church was built to house ...  Mere info

Pisa Baptistery (Battistero)

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The wedding cake white marble of the Pisa Baptistery, or Battistero, is one of the stunning collection of buildings on the Piazza dei Miracoli. The Leaning Tower may be more famous, but the ...  Mere info

Piazza dei Miracoli

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Some of the finest gems of Western architecture are clustered on Pisa’s Piazza dei Miracoli, known locally as Piazza del Duomo. Your first sight of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Duomo and the ...  Mere info

Knights' Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri)

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In Roman and medieval days, the Knights’ Square was Pisa’s central city square, a place for meetings and discussion. The piazza was lavishly remodeled by the famous architect Vasari in the 16th ...  Mere info

Pisa Cemetery (Camposanto)

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Camposanto Cemetery is a monumental complex of buildings on Piazza dei Miracoli. Constructed in a cloister design with wings sprouting from a central dome, the massive complex was built on ...  Mere info