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Knights' Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri)

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In Roman and medieval days, the Knights’ Square was Pisa’s central city square, a place for meetings and discussion.

The piazza was lavishly remodeled by the famous architect Vasari in the 16th century, creating a landmark example of spacious Renaissance town planning.

The grand space is gracefully lined with palatial palazzos and the church of the Knights of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri. The church was also designed by Vasari, and named for the religious and military order founded by Cosimo de’ Medici.

A statue of Cosimo stands in front of the Palazzo dei Cavalieri, which features detailed monochromatic etchings on its facade known as sgraffiti, also contributed by Vasari.

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Pisa og Det Skæve Tårn - halvdagstur fra Firenze

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Oplev skønheden ved Pisa på en eftermiddagstur fra Firenze i ledsagelse af en venlig lokal guide. Efter I har kørt gennem det vidunderlige ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Firenze, Italien
  • Varighed: 5 timer 30 minutter
  • Sprog: Engelsk
Fra USD 53,31