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Penguin Parade

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One of nature’s most humbling aspects is the indifference towards human existence. Whether us humans were here or not, waves would still crash, sunsets would still glow, and hundreds of clumsy Little Penguins would storm Phillip Island at sunset. Of all the Phillip Island Nature Parks, the Penguin Parade is inarguably the most popular due to this evening show. Each night at dusk, hundreds of these penguins waddle up the beach to rest and feed their young, and since 32,000 of the Little Penguins live on Phillip Island, it’s believed to be the largest colony of the world’s smallest penguin. Arrive early and have a drink at the coastal penguin café, or tour the informative visitor center to learn about the curious critters. As dusk approaches, make your way towards the multi-tiered seating and keep your eyes on the shoreline, and when the first penguin comes rolling ashore and shakes the water of its back, it will soon be followed by hundreds more as they shake, waddle, and roll.

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Phillip Island Tour fra Melbourne

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  • Stedangivelse: Melbourne, Australien
  • Varighed: Fleksibel
  • Sprog: Engelsk
Fra USD 125,03

Phillip Island Penguin Parade - aftentur

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Australia Multi-City Attractions Pass

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Pingviner på Phillip Island, Brighton Beach, Moonlit Sanctuary fra Melbourne

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  • Varighed: Varierer mellem 9-12 timer
  • Sprog: Engelsk
Fra USD 102,29