The Nostalgia Box Museum

In the grand scheme of human development, gaming consoles and video games seem too young to be part of history. The reality, however, is entire generations of travelers were born after video games were invented, and some of the early gaming consoles really seem very…old. Enter Perth’s Nostalgia Box Museum, a collection of vintage gaming consoles dating all the way back to the Magnavox Odyssey—released in 1972. Try your hand at classic Pong or channel Sonic the Hedgehog, before choosing your driver as Donkey Kong in a fast-paced session of Mario Kart.

Though not all consoles are connected for playing, over 100 historic video game consoles are spread throughout the museum, where adults can quickly revert to their youth while playing their favorite games, and new generations will be amazed at just how far we’ve come.

Insider's Tip: Some of the consoles can often get crowded, so visit around opening time to maximize the time you can spend on the various consoles.

Practical Info

Advance reservations made by booking online are highly recommended. The Nostalgia Box often hosts parties on weekends, during which time the visitor experience is capped at only an hour.
Adresse: 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australien
Åbningstider: 10:30am-5pm daily
Entré: $15 for adults, $10 for children under 15, or $45 for a family of 4.
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Perth Video Game Console Museum

Træd ind i nostalgiboksen for at se historien om hjemmevideospilkonsoller og spille nogle klassiske spil. Samlingen indeholder den første videokonsol, der er lavet til hjemmebrug, Magnavox Odyssey fra 1972 og efterfølgende tidlige konsoller fra Atari og Nintendo, ud over nyere modeller som PlayStation 3 og Xbox 360. Du kan spille retro spil, herunder Super Mario Brothers , Space Invaders, Donkey Kong og Crash Bandicoot. Sjov for alle aldre, uanset om du genoplever din ungdom eller introducerer børnene til spillene.
  • Varighed: 2 timer
9,04 $ USD
12,05 $ USD  3,01 $ USD besparelser
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  • Varighed: 2 timer
9,04 $ USD
12,05 $ USD  3,01 $ USD besparelser

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