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Giverny is a tiny village west of Paris which has been made famous by the painter Claude Monet calling it home. In 1883 Monet fell in love with the place through a train window. He found a house there, moved in with his lady-friend, his two sons, and her six children, and stayed until his death in 1926.

Monet initially painted the countryside, but after 1890 when he bought the house he lived in and began transforming the gardens, he began his famous waterlily paintings. He had a water-garden constructed, even diverting the local river to achieve his vision.

Not far from Monet's former residence is the Museum of Impressionisms (Musee des Impessionismes) dedicated to the different forms of impressionist painting. Built into the landscape, the museum mimics the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

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Heldagstur til Versailles og Giverny

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Se mere end Paris, og tag på en dagsudflugt til Monets have i Giverny og Ludvig XIV's slot i Versailles. I denne heldagstur kombineres de to mest ...  Mere info

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Spring køen over: Halvdagstur til Giverny og Monets have fra Paris

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Træd ind i et virkeligstro impressionist-maleri af Monets haver i Giverny. På denne formiddags eller eftermiddags halvdagstur med bus fra Paris ...  Mere info

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Heldagstur i mindre gruppe til Giverny og Versailles fra Paris

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Dagen begynder med et besøg i Monets hus i Giverny og dets berømte åkandehaver, efterfulgt af et besøg på Musée des ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Paris, Frankrig
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