Territorial Assembly

Built in the 1960s to replace the former building that was in disrepair, the Territorial Assembly is the seat of government for French Polynesia. This was once the site of Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti's residence and palace when she ruled from 1827 to 1877, and is where today you will find the Territorial Assembly building, the home of the President of French Polynesia, French government work spaces and the once popular clubhouse of Paul Gauguin.

The modern building with the pointed "shell" top is the Territorial Assembly building, which you can visit during business hours. In front of the building, you'll find a monument to Pouvanaa a Oopa, a French Polynesian politician and Tahitian nationalist who is regarded by locals as a symbol of independence due to the fact he led a Tahitian separatist movement against French rule in the 1950s.
Adresse: Place Tarahoi, Papeete, Fransk Polynesien
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