Minami is a well-known shopping, dining, and entertainment district in Osaka. With retail and nightlife stretching from Semba to Namba Station, Minami is popular with visitors and tourists alike. Lit by dazzling neon signs, including the famous Kani Doraku crab sign, Dotonbori is the most lively and famous part of the Minami area, especially at night. It runs parallel to the canal, and never truly closes, with some restaurants open until morning. For the culture vultures, there are a number of museums, theaters, temples, and shrines to explore among the neon lights and towering shopping malls.

Join a walking tour that covers this part of the city or take an evening food and drink stroll in Shinsaibashi and Namba to take advantage of the local nightlife.

Practical Info

The Minami area is centered around Namba Station, which is actually a collection of multiple stations, including Nankai Namba Station, JR Namba Station, and Kintetsu's Osaka Namba Station. The area is also served by a highway bus terminal.

Did You Know? The Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum in this area is the only museum in the world to have a permanent exhibition of Kamigata Ukiyoe; these are woodblock prints from the Kyoto/Osaka region that typically feature portraits of kabuki actors.
Adresse: Minami, Osaka, Japan
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