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Forever Florida

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If you look at a map of Central Florida, there is a large swath of land about an hour southeast of Orlando where there are no towns, no roads, and hardly any man-made influence to speak of. That’s because this 4,700-acre expanse of wilderness is protected as part of a massive eco-ranch and conservation area known as Forever Florida, one of the last remaining places in the area home to Central Florida’s unique natural eco-system.

Created as a way to protect Central Florida’s natural treasures from urbanization and a rapidly growing population, Forever Florida now educates and entertains visitors by offering zip-line safaris, horseback riding safaris, and even overnight camping and horseback riding excursions where guests can sleep beneath the stars as the sounds of nature lull them to sleep. For a faster-paced nocturnal adventure, why not try the moonlight ziplining tours where you jump into the dark abyss and cruise at speeds up to 30 mph through swamps and marshlands.

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