Bordering the United Arab Emirates, Dibba is known for its lively port and the dramatic scenery of the area’s coastline. Taking a traditional Arab dhow ship is a great way to see the 'fjords' which characterize the area; their lack of vegetation gives them an unearthly quality quite apart from their Scandinavian counterparts.

Dibba Castle, with its handsome sand-colored fortifications, is a highlight of the town itself, while a number of beaches opposite the port offer opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Fishing is the economic backbone of the region and there are numerous spots where you can cast a line yourself.

Practical Info

Dibba (also known as Daba) is at the southern end of the Musandam peninsula, an exclave of Oman surrounded by the United Arab Emirates. From Muscat, land crossings are arduous and flights infrequent, consequently the region is more accessible from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The Gulf town of Khasab, with its Portuguese fort and excellent diving, is worth an excursion.

Adresse: Oman
Entré: Free
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