Noosa Everglades

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The Noosa Everglades are the ideal destination for those looking for an experience in nature. Hundreds of species of birds circle above the diverse foliage as lizards, snakes, and kangaroos enjoy the ground. The flora of the Everglades is completely unique, with big twisting grasses, large swamp banksias, hundreds of different flower species, and of course, the iconic vines and trees that make the forest so dense. 

The best way to see the Everglades is by boat tour up the Noosa River. There are many companies to choose from, and rest assured that all of them are "eco-certified", and are constantly conscious of the impact that they are having on the natural beauty of the surrounds. 

You can also do a personal canoe tour, but this is only advisable if you have canoeing experience and a knowledgeable guide. 

Adresse: Noosa, Australien
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