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3 Days in Granada: Suggested Itineraries

Af Viator, December 2014

Let Granada help you ease into a relaxing trip - amble through the city streets by day, and take a leisurely horse-drawn carriage ride to wind up your evening. Get a good night’s rest, because you’ll be spending the next two days in the great outdoors.

Spend your second day in Granada on the lake that laps at the city’s edge - Lake Nicaragua. There are a variety of ways you can enjoy Nicaragua’s largest lake, including taking a boat to the nearby Zapatera Island to hike the island’s namesake volcano. Since you’ll be volcano-bound on day three, however, this is a day to spend on the water itself.

It’s possible to plan your own hiking trip up the Mombacho Volcano, but one of the trails is difficult enough that they require you to go with a guide - and if you have time constraints, it’s easier to book a day trip that includes transportation to hike the volcano.