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Hamptons Day Trips from New York City

Af Viator, January 2018

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You’ve seen it on television and movie scenes about families with fabulous wealth, but to truly get an appreciation for the Hamptons you need to see it firsthand. Walk the beaches with their sculpted sand dunes and marvelously opulent homes, and shop in chic, trendy boutiques with the summer sun on your shoulders. The Hamptons are a collection of towns approximately 100 miles east of the city, where celebrities, magnates, and business tycoons unwind from the city grind. Sip on wine at Wolfford Estate Wineries or relax on a Southhampton Beach, and peruse the shops of historic Sag Harbor while yachts cruise slowly offshore.

When visiting the Hamptons from New York City, expect to spend about two hours driving from the city and across Long Island. Train, car, or guided tours are a couple of the options for day trips, as are the comfortable long distance buses that connect Manhattan with the town of Montauk.

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