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St. Paul's Chapel

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Located at 209 Broadway in Lower Manhattan, St. Paul’s Chapel is Manhattan’s oldest public building in continuous use. Moreover, it is the only surviving church from the Revolutionary Era, and holds much history from this period. Opened in 1766, it is part of the Episcopal Parish of Trinity Church and has been a place of worship and refuge for many over the years, including George Washington and Revolutionary War British Generals Cornwallis and Howe, who would go there to pray and 9/11 recovery workers who were cared for inside the chapel. If you’re interested in seeing where George Washington himself sat inside the church, there is an oil painting of the Great Seal of the United State over his pew. The interior of the church is less grand and more cozy yet elegant with glass chandeliers and an ornamental design above the alter created by a French veteran of the revolution, Pierre L’Enfant.

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9/11 Memorial og gåtur på Ground Zero med valgfri opgradering til 9/11 Museum

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Få en dybere forståelse af begivenhederne i forbindelse med angrebene på World Trade Center den 11. september 2001 og der heltemod, som samlede ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: New York, New York
  • Varighed: 1,5 timer til turen, 2-4 timer til 9/11 Museum, hvis dette er valgt
  • Sprog: Engelsk
Fra USD 35,00