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New Orleans Swamp Tours

Af Viator, June 2017

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Road Trip

The transition from urban New Orleans to the mysterious realm of cypress swamps, vast sugarcane fields and historic bridges spanning the mighty Mississippi River are best experienced in that most American method of transportation: the automobile. Explore the region on your own or soak up some local history with the aid of one of the many guided tours readily at hand in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

All Aboard

Learn the secrets of local alligator hunters, fur trappers and fishermen aboard a guided boat tour of the swamps and backwater bayous of Louisiana. Though many travelers take pleasure in blazing their own trail, these gator-infested waters are not for the uninitiated. Take advantage of local knowledge of reptile habitats, healing plants and exotic birds while in pursuit of alligators, snakes, egrets, raccoons, nutria, and other wildlife.

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