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New Orleans Plantation Tours

Af Viator, June 2017

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To some, connotations of New Orleans lead to images of the antebellum plantation houses and big fan boats skidding along a marshy alligator-ridden bayou. Though New Orleans is a town that never forgets its roots and is, in fact, in very close proximity to these things, is nevertheless a modern and busy city with all that comes along with it – big city culture, big city dining, big city fun. And while you may be out indulging in some of these big city finer points, the historian and old-country lover in you might long for a return to simpler times. Luckily, the antebellum south is remembered well in some of the nearby New Orleans Plantations. Once the mainstays of an agrarian economy, nearby New Orleans plantation houses offer visitors a glimpse into the windows of a bygone era.

The Bocage Plantation stakes its claim to fame for being the best representation of American Greek Revival architecture in the nation.

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