Safdarjung's Tomb

Where Humayun’s Tomb began an era of Mughal-style garden tombs in Delhi, Safdarjung’s Tomb ended it. Built in 1754 by Shuja'u'd-Daula, Safdar Jang's son, the tomb was the last of its kind, showing architectural characteristics of the late Mughal period, including use of red sandstone and marble, elaborate ornamentation, a domed roof and Arabic inscriptions on the facade.

The domed mausoleum you’ll see upon passing through the main gate is the primary attraction, but the gardens also house three smaller pavilions. Since the monument often gets overshadowed by its predecessor (Humayun’s Tomb), the grounds are often quite peaceful, making it a good option if the crowded streets of Delhi are starting to wear on you.
Adresse: Lodi Estate, New Delhi, ND DL, Indien
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