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Amalienburg is Emperor Charles VII's most precious legacy and the beautiful park gardens and fountains have become one of Munich's most scenic locations. A former hunting lodge on the grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace Park, the Amalienburg palace is considered one of the finest examples of European Rococo style. The ornate decorations of every room reflect a French-inspired refinement, especially the breathtaking Large Salon, also called the Hall of Mirrors. This circular room alternates windows, mirrors, and doors creating the illusion of an open pavillion through the real and reflected light.

Each room has a unique artistic feature that make the Amalienburg palace a main attraction of the Nymphenburg park. The wood carvings in the Bedroom, the Rococo paintings in the Hunting Room, the Chinese wallpaper and pheasant motif of the Indian Cabinet, and the Dutch tiles of the Kitchen all create an exotic air in the style of the palace.

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