Moscow Zoo

Founded in 1864, the Moscow Zoo sits in the center of Moscow, a natural escape from the bustling city streets. When it opened, the zoo covered 10 acres and held fewer than 300 animals. Continuously expanded over the past century and a half, the zoo today is the largest in Russia, covering over 50 acres and featuring more than 6,000 animals. The entrance, shaped like a large rock castle, is conspicuous among the modern architecture on the surrounding streets.

In the old area of the zoo, visitors can find animals such as bears, large cats and elephants, as well as the popular dolphin aquarium and penguin pool. A footbridge crosses Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street and leads to the new area, which is home to the primate house, the children’s zoo and several cafes. Renovations to the zoo in the 1990s added features like waterfalls and streams to give it a more natural feeling.
With an emphasis on the children’s education and entertainment, the zoo is an ideal destination for families visiting Moscow.

Practical Info

The Moscow Zoo is located near the corner of Krasnaya Presnya and Bolshaya Gruzinskaya. The entrance is across the street from the Barrikadnaya Metro station.
Adresse: 1, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, Moscow, Russia 123242, Rusland
Åbningstider: Closed: Monday During Summer Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 8pm During Winter Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm
Entré: Adults: 100 rubles (about $3.50) and Children under 18 and Students: Free
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