Vieille-Ville de Montreux (Old Montreux)

Often overlooked by visitors keen to venture into the mountains or by those who stick to the pretty lakeside promenade, Montreux’s old town (Ville de Montreux) is a picturesque village of characterful old buildings, winding lanes and crumbling stairways. Set atop a steep hill, it’s worth the walk for the wonderful views over the lake below, but a wander through the cobblestone streets unearths a number of interesting sights.

Visit the Montreux museum for a deeper insight into the area’s rich history, check out the panoramic views from the terrace of the St Vincent Evangelical Church and take a peak at the 200-seat Montreux Riviera Theater. Alternatively while away the hours in one of the many cafés where you can enjoy the hospitality of the locals and practice your French on the villagers.  
Adresse: Montreux, Switzerland, Schweiz
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