Barozzi Palace (Palazzo Barozzi)

In the town of Vignola, not far from Modena, one of the main attractions is the Barozzi Palace, or Palazzo Barozzi, known in particular for its spiral staircase.

The palace was built in the 1560s, designed by an architect from the town of Vignola itself - Jacopo Barozzi. It’s sometimes also known by the name of the family that lived in the home - the Boncompagni Palace - though it’s most often known by the name of the architect.

From the exterior of the palace, it’s hard to imagine the more decorative interior, but Barozzi was well-known for his beautiful designs - Piacenza’s Palazzo Farnese among them. The thing visitors flock to the Palazzo Barozzi to see is its gorgeous spiral staircase.

The staircase winds a total of nearly 40.5 feet up, connecting all the floors of the palace. Because the main support columns are in the basement and at the very top of the spiral, it curls elegantly up with what appears to be nothing holding it in place. There are 106 steps in total.

Practical Info

The town of Vignola is about 14 miles from Modena, and Jacopo Barozzi is arguably its biggest claim to fame. The area is also well-known for fruit, particularly cherries.
Adresse: Piazza dei Contrari 3, Vignola, Emilia-Romagna 41058, Italien
Åbningstider: Varies by day and season
Entré: €2 adults, children under age 11 FREE
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