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Tiskiwin Museum (Maison Tiskiwin)

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One of Marrakech’s most fascinating museums, the Tiskiwin Museum, or Maison Tiskiwin, is housed in a beautifully restored riad tucked between the Bahia and Dar Si Said Palaces and showcases a quirky array of North African arts and crafts that chronicle the region’s vibrant cultural history.

The collection, amassed by Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint who has resided in the city since 1957, is organized into geographically themed exhibitions, with each room of artifacts marking out a different spot along the along ancient Saharan trade route from Marrakech to Timbuktu. A colorful assemblage of objects are on display including exquisite hand-woven carpets and textiles, traditional Berber clothing and jewelry, intricate basketwork and tribal handicrafts, many of which were bought from the legendary souks of Marrakech and preserved by Flint.

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