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Ouzoud Falls

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Located by the village of Tanaghmeilt in the High Atlas Mountains, the Ouzoud Falls are Morocco’s highest waterfalls, tumbling 110 meters through a dramatic red-rock gorge of the El Abid River. Taking their name from the olive groves that blanket the valley (‘Ouzoud’ is Berber for ‘Olive’), the summit of the falls is still dotted a number of historic water mills, some of which are still in use, extracting olive oil from the surrounding crops.

A popular day trip from nearby Marrakech, the three-tiered falls provide a magnificent backdrop for hiking or picnicking, surrounded by lush greenery and trees teeming with macaque monkeys. Clamber down the stone steps into the gorge and you can even enjoy swimming beneath the falls, take a scenic boat trip along the river, or explore the natural caves carved into the cliffside.

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