Palmeral de las Sorpresas

Lined with palm trees and with Malaga’s port as its backdrop, the Palmeral de las Sorpresas is a traditional Spanish public square with an especially modern design. Its fountains, chairs, and a playground create a recreational feel, and there’s a promenade along the waterfront that’s great for leisurely walks.

Its covered walkways have some of the most unique architecture in Spain (and that’s saying something!) They were designed to play with light and shadows in a way that changes depending on the time of day it’s visited. The Paseo de Pergolas leads down to the ships docked at the port (one of the oldest in the world,) shading from the often bright sun above.

Benches and quiet corners are intermingled with activity and play. You’ll find historical and modern design side-by-side. Surrounded by gardens with a tropical feel, it’s a beautiful public space that’s meant to be shared and enjoyed in peace.

Practical Info

From the Malaga port, it takes about twenty minutes to reach the city center via the Palmeral de las Sorpresas walkways. Open all hours of the day, small cafes and restaurants can be spotted throughout. Otherwise, there are plenty of free public spaces to stop and enjoy the surroundings.
Adresse: Muelle 2, Malaga, Andalucia 29015, Spanien
Åbningstider: 24/7
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