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Sobrino de Botin

If you wish to try Spanish cuisine while in Madrid, then perhaps it doesn’t get more traditional than the dishes found at Sobrino de Botin. Considered the oldest still-in-business restaurant in Spain, and one of the oldest in Europe, Botin (as it is affectionately called) is a destination you’ll want to both see and sample.

The restaurant’s roots date back to 1725, when, in the years to follow, it was simply considered a tavern, and served diners on its main floor. Its humble beginnings originate with a French cook Jean Botin, who, with his Spanish wife, began the establishment just off of the relatively newly bustling Plaza Mayor. After the couples’ passing, and with no descendants, the restaurant was taken over by their nephew, or sobrino, hence its official name today. These days, however, it is in the hands of another family—the Gonzalezes—who have managed it for three generations now.