Museum of Romanticism (Museo del Romanticismo)

You can return to the age of the Romantics in Spain via this impressive 18th-century palace-turned-museum. Functioning both as a look at 19th century daily life and a commentary of the Romanticism movement in Spain, a trip to the museum is a cultural and artistic immersion that transports you back in time. 

Under the reign of Queen Isabella II, the arts and literature thrived and social norms relaxed. In the house you can find paintings of the royal family and public figures from the era, period furniture, decorative objects, and a well-tended garden, which reflects this shift in values. Famous writers at the time would often gather in the mansion’s ballroom for literary readings, and to this day the home maintains a room dedicated to Romantic essayist Mariano Jose de Larra. In terms of art, the works by Goya, Madrazo and Antonio Esquivel can all be found lining the walls.
Adresse: Calle San Mateo, 13, Madrid, Spain 28004, Spanien
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