Surrender Site Marker

The Surrender Site Marker in Balanga City is located inside the grounds of Balanga Elementary School, just in front of the Bataan WWII Museum. The sculptures that make up the monument were created based on actual photographs after the American and Filipino forces surrendered to Japanese forces in World War II.

Most people visit the Surrender Site Marker and Bataan WWII Museum as part of a wider day trip to learn about the Battle of Bataan. Those interested in the history of the area can join a WWII historical landmarks day tour from Manila, which combines a visit to the the Surrender Site Marker with other important monuments relating to the battle.

Practical Info

The most practical way to visit the Surrender Site Marker and other historical sites in the area is to join a day tour from Manila that includes hotel pickup and drop-off. Most tours will also include an informative guide to explain the many historical facts and anecdotes about the Battle of Bataan.

Did You Know? The Battle of Bataan began in January 1942 when Japanese forces invaded Luzon. Filipino and American forces managed to resist the Japanese for three months before surrendering.
Adresse: Basa Street, Balanga City, Luzon, Philippines, Filippinerne
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