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St Martin's Theatre

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The treasure of the London West End! St Martin's Theatre is one of the few remaining privately-owned theatres in London thanks to the Willoughby de Broke family and has staged many famous plays since its opening. It opened its doors in 1916 with the spectacular Edwardian musical comedy Houp La!, starring the now-iconic actress Gertie Millar. The St Martin's has also hosted plays penned by the likes of John Galsworthy, Frederick Lonsdale and Noel Coward, including the chilling thriller Sleuth, The Grass is Greener and The Wrong Side of the Park.

But what makes the St Martin’s so famous isn’t so much its humble yet successful beginnings; the theatre holds the record for the longest continuously running show in the world with Agatha Christies’ The Mousetrap, having exceeded 25,000 performances since opening night in 1952 - as long as HRH Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne.

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