Primrose Hill

As renowned as for its impressive panoramic views as it is for its smattering of celebrity residents - Jamie Oliver, Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani have all owned houses nearby - Primrose Hill sits in one of North London’s most sought-after postcodes. Located at the northern end of Regent’s Park, the grassy slopes are crisscrossed with walking trails and dotted with benches, and the summit offers expansive views over the park, the neighboring London Zoo and the distant skyline of central London. 

The hill has been a popular recreational ground since the 19th century and is now one of London’s six protected viewpoints, reaching a height of 63-meters. As well as its popularity among picnickers and sunbathers, Primrose Hill also boasts a long association with London’s literary history – look out for Shakespeare’s Tree, planted in honor of the 300th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth and the York stone at the summit, inscribed with a William Blake quote.
Adresse: Regent's Park, London, England
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