Estrela Garden (Jardim Da Estrela)

Jardim Da Estrela is one of the pretties parks in Lisbon. It is located across the street from Estrela Basilica and near the English Cemetery. The park has many exotic plants and trees, flowerbeds, cacti, a small lake with ducks, an animal-themed children's playground, and a wrought iron gazebo. The gazebo is a bandstand that was built in the late 1800s. Many locals come to this park to relax and enjoy nice weather as well as bring their families to enjoy a picnic. There is also a cafe next to the pond. 

Visitors can see a variety of sculptures throughout the park. There is a statue of a farmer sculpted by Costa Mota in 1913, a female nude figure in marble called O Despertar which was sculpted by Simões de Almeida, a replica of Guardadora de Patos (keeper of the ducks) from 1914, a statue of poet João de Deus, and busts of actor Silva Taborda and poet Antero de Quental. There is also a fountain with a dog spraying water out of its mouth.
Adresse: Largo da Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal
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