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Rubén Darío Museum

One of the most popular spots to visit in León, the Rubén Darío Museum is dedicated to the famous poet, writer, and ambassador who brought modernismo to Spanish literature. Housed in Dario’s childhood home, the museum was opened in 1964.

On a visit, you can stroll the inner courtyard of Dario’s old home. Take a peek around the well-preserved rooms for a glimpse of how life was for Nicaragua’s well-to-do in the late 19th century. You’ll see many of Dario’s belongings on display, from the bed where he died “an agonizing death,” to his bible and photos, and the grand suits he donned as part of his ambassadorial duties to Spain.

Enjoy a close-up look at first editions of Dario’s work, and handwritten manuscripts which include his very first poem. A sanctuary dedicated to one of the Spanish language’s most influential literary men, Dario truly changed the face of poetry with his innovative use of rhythm and imagery.

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