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Ortiz Gurdian Foundation Art Center

León’s Ortiz Gurdián Foundation Art Center showcases a private collection of Nicaraguan and international art to the public. The artworks date from the 15th century to today, and include paintings by the likes of the renowned Nicaraguan painter Armando Morales, as well as works by world-famous artists like Rubens, Miró, Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, and Diego Rivera.

Housed in four restored colonial buildings in León’s historic center, the non-profit was founded in 1996 by local philanthropists Patricia Gurdián de Ortiz and Ramiro Ortiz Mayorga. The center’s objective is to contribute towards and promote Nicaragua’s cultural and artistic development.

In the main building, the Norberto Ramírez House, see the collection titled “From Western to Nicaraguan Art,” which shows artworks from the 15th century through to the 21st century. Here, you can also see pre-Columbian art and ceramics from the Nicaraguan village of San Juan de Oriente.

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