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Langkawi Cable Car

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The Langkawi Cable Car will take you high above the Langkawi rainforest on Mount Mat Chinchang for the most spectacular views of the surrounding islands and sea. It’s an absolute must-do when you visit Langkawi and a great way to orientate yourself when you first arrive.

The cable car was built without constructing any roads through the forest and has the longest suspension between two stations in the world. The view changes throughout the day with some spectacular sights at sunset. From the pinnacle of Mount Mat Chinchang you will see 360-degree panoramic views of the Langkawi islands, mainland Malaysia and Southern Thailand.

There is plenty to explore on the mountain and it is possible to take jungle treks and birdwatching tours.

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Morgentur til Langkawi-svævebanen og Oriental Village

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Tag en tur med svævebanen til toppen af bjerget Mat Chinchang for at se den betagende udsigt over Langkawi, og besøg Oriental Village, som er et ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Langkawi, Malaysia
  • Varighed: 3 timer
  • Sprog: Engelsk
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