Babi Yar Memorial

In 1941, one of the largest shooting massacres of the Holocaust took place at Babi Yar, a ravine near Kiev. Over the course of just two days, some 34 thousand Jews were brought down to the ravine in groups of 10 and murdered by SS troops and local collaborators.

The site of this atrocity is now a peaceful public park dotted with memorials. The oldest memorial was erected in 1976 to memorialize Soviet prisoners of war. In 1991, the Menorah Monument was built to recognize the Jewish victims of the massacre, and in 2001, another monument was dedicated to the children murdered at Babi Yar. Other memorials commemorate murdered Ukraine nationalists, Orthodox Christian priests, concentration camp prisoners, and gypsies.

Practical Info

Leave yourself an hour or two to wander the park and read the various guide maps and placards offering background information about the tragedies of Babi Yar.
Adresse: Kiev, Ukraine
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