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Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

No coastal city would be complete without its own shipwreck legends, and Key West is no exception. The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum allows you to explore artifacts from some of the most famous ships that went down in the Florida Keys.

The shipwrecks are mostly from merchant and slave ships in the 17th and 18th centuries. The artifacts on board serve as a window to the past, revealing a great deal about trade, colonization, slavery, and even daily life from the time period. One of the most famous ships to run aground in the Keys, the Henrietta Marie, is believed to be the world’s largest source of tangible objects from the early years of the slave trade. A visit to the museum lets you view historical artifacts in an new way, as the shipwreck legacy casts an eerie and exciting feeling over the objects.

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Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Adgang

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum er det eneste fuldt akkrediterede museum i Florida Keys. Det betyder, at dette er mere end blot en spændende eventyrhistorie - ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Key West, Florida
  • Varighed: Fleksibel
Fra USD 15,00